BUN Engineering Nederland B.V.



Van Hatzfeldtstraat 5864 BR


BUN Engineering Nederland B.V.

Passionate about high precision mechanics, our team has taken, since 1996, a strategic and leading place in bar turning with sliding headstock thanks to the import of a Japanese machine brand, well known for its watches: CITIZEN. Shortly after, BIGLIA, a leading manufacturer of CNC fixed headstock machines, who placed their trust in us. As an importer and repairer of CNC machines for the BENELUX, we have become, for our customers, the essential partner for all their bar turning projects, whatever the sector of activity.

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Voor meer informatie over dit artikel of de betrokken leden kunt u contact opnemen met het FPT-VIMAG-secretariaat. Dit kan telefonisch op 088 400 85 50 of door een mail te sturen naar U kunt ook direct de betrokken leden benaderen voor meer informatie..

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